hair care

If you have an American Girl Doll or any doll for that matter, you can use these neat ideas to make your doll's hair straight and also make curly hair styles for your doll.

Step One - Get a spray bottle that contains water ONLY - no chemicals or soaps which can damage your doll's hair.

Step Two - get a brush for your doll's hair

Step Three - get a small scissor

Begin - brush your doll's hair to get all of the knots out.

Next - spray the doll's hair with the spray water bottle.

Next - brush your doll's hair again until it is flat and smooth.

Next - take the small scissors and gently cut the tiny crooked hairs that may show up on the top of her head.

Voila! - Smooth, shiny looking hair!

To get curls or waves - spray the hair to make it wet again.

Next - use your hands to twist the hair all the way to the bottom or make a traditional braid.  Then let go and the hair will be wavy and curly.

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