Gabriela McBride in person

Hi everyone. Today I brought something amazing home.
I got the new girl of the year Gabriela Mcbride!
(Thanks to a few gift cards)

She has a really cute collection. Gabriela herself cost $115.00. The doll has pretty curly hair to play with, brown eyes that can open and close, and she is African American. Gabriela currently comes with a hair band for dolls, a blue tank top, one purple crop top, jeans, blue and purple dance shoes, and don't forget the paperback book! 

If you are looking for her hair care it is on the flap of the box when you open your Gabriela doll. 

Please look at the pictures of my friend and I at the American Girl Bistro!

Enjoy the rest of your day😊

Gabriela McBride store display

American Girl Bistro Menu

Gabriela McBride lifesize display
Hello Gabriela!

girl of the year 2017

Hi guys! I know I haven't really been writing many articles lately but, today is a lucky day for you and me because there is a new girl of the year!! Her name is... drum roll please.
Gabriela McBride.

She loves doing poetry and dancing! Even though she has a lot of fun she also has a wonderful clothes collection. Starting off with all the dance clothes and don't forget the pajamas!

American Girl Dolls can't all be lonely so Gabriela has a adorable little cat with gray and white spots! Her name is Maya.

Gabriela is a very pretty doll. According to the American Girl Doll magazine and website she loves to do dance, art, and poetry so she can help share herself to the world, and bring about real change! You can go purchase her pretty clothes at americangirl.com or go to the store near you.

AG doll girl of the year Gabriela McBride
Girl of the Year Gabriela McBride

new ag doll outfits

Hi everyone.  I'm so excited to do a show and tell for you about some new American Girl Doll outfits that just came out in the past few months.

There is the new 'Lea Clark Rainforest Hike Outfit', which Grace Thomas is modeling below.  It includes:

Khaki pants
Butterfly Shirt

Available matching accessories are:

Bug repellant
Backpack with water line
Binoculars - they really flex too!
Snacks - Acai and Mango
Hiking Brochure/map
Walking stick

Lea Clark Rainforest Hike Outfit modeled by Grace Thomas

Backpack with snacks and brochure
Backpack with snacks and brochure

Next is the 'Lea Clark Bahia Outfit', modeled by Ella Graham, which includes:

swap your doll

If you really want a new doll, but don't have enough money, well, here's an idea. You can swap your doll with a friend that already has an American Girl Doll (there may be many friends like this!) because when you swap your doll then you'll feel like you have gotten a brand new doll. You can also share and swap your accessories collection with your friends too.

When you swap or share then you can save your money instead of having to buy a new doll. Like save it for college and for when you get older because you will need it!

When you swap clothes your doll can have a brand new look that you have never seen before. When you swap your doll then you'll feel like you have gotten a new doll. Now remember, always be a good friend and don't break your friends' dolls when you swap! Now that you have this new girl it's like starting all over because it has a different look and u can play with a really pretty new doll. Hope you can try this some time. Here's what happened when I swapped my doll for American Girl Doll Ella and combined accessories from my friend and me.

Have fun and save money!

American Girl Doll Ella  - Swap

going on a trip

If you have an American Girl Doll or another 18 inch doll and you want to bring it on a trip you can use my ideas for this.  If you have them, bring some pants, shorts and shirts for your doll.  If you don't have shorts then it's ok, you can just bring the pants and shirts, hopefully more than 1 pair so you can have lots of fun undressing and dressing your doll for different events.

How to dress them: (watch the video)

Also, do not forget to bring shoes for your doll.  I would recommend not to bring the 'food' and 'glasses' that you have for your doll since these things are small and you could lose them very easily on your trip, since you may be going here and there and might misplace something.

Happy Trails!