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What I got from my latest trip to the American Girl Doll Store was Grace's city outfit and also the sparkly black flats.  Yay!  I went to the store with my two friends and also my grandma and mom.

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In the AG store they have the Girl of the Year on display, Grace, which I just mentioned.  After a year there will be another girl instead of Grace.  They also have look-alike dolls, where you can pick out the one that you think looks most like you or someone else.  There were also smaller dolls - 'bitty babies', 'bitty twins', and historical dolls.  Since it's a new year there is new stuff like a hammock for lounging and new clothes for the look-alike dolls!  In the store there is also a hair salon and ear piercing is available for your doll.  There is also a cafe to have lunch or dinner.  Here is the stuff I got on my last trip which Julie is modeling:

Grace's City Outfit

Grace's City Outfit with sparkly flats

Oh those sparkly flats!

Video: AG Doll Store Trip!

Pics from the Store

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