more hair curls

Here's another way to add even more curls to you doll's hair.

What you will need is:

some bobby pins

doll hair brush

spray bottle with water only

pencil or pen

First, brush your doll's hair to remove any knots.  Then get the spray bottle and spray your doll's hair.

Next, take the pencil or pen and wrap some of the doll's hair around it.

Next, pull the pen or pencil out of the hair and then put the bobby pin in the hair section you have just rolled up.

It is recommended to leave the bobby pins in the hair for about 3 hours to let the curls set.

You can repeat this for as many parts of the hair as you like, and you can use your imagination to make different curly hair styles.

Have Fun!

American Dollspot Curly Hair Using Bobby Pins

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