Gabriela McBride in person

Hi everyone. Today I brought something amazing home.
I got the new girl of the year Gabriela Mcbride!
(Thanks to a few gift cards)

She has a really cute collection. Gabriela herself cost $115.00. The doll has pretty curly hair to play with, brown eyes that can open and close, and she is African American. Gabriela currently comes with a hair band for dolls, a blue tank top, one purple crop top, jeans, blue and purple dance shoes, and don't forget the paperback book! 

If you are looking for her hair care it is on the flap of the box when you open your Gabriela doll. 

Please look at the pictures of my friend and I at the American Girl Bistro!

Enjoy the rest of your day😊

Gabriela McBride store display

American Girl Bistro Menu

Gabriela McBride lifesize display
Hello Gabriela!

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