girl of the year 2017

Hi guys! I know I haven't really been writing many articles lately but, today is a lucky day for you and me because there is a new girl of the year!! Her name is... drum roll please.
Gabriela McBride.

She loves doing poetry and dancing! Even though she has a lot of fun she also has a wonderful clothes collection. Starting off with all the dance clothes and don't forget the pajamas!

American Girl Dolls can't all be lonely so Gabriela has a adorable little cat with gray and white spots! Her name is Maya.

Gabriela is a very pretty doll. According to the American Girl Doll magazine and website she loves to do dance, art, and poetry so she can help share herself to the world, and bring about real change! You can go purchase her pretty clothes at americangirl.com or go to the store near you.

AG doll girl of the year Gabriela McBride
Girl of the Year Gabriela McBride

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